Make a difference: Help Keep TAP Flowing


  • Recent United Nations' studies state that over 2 billion people will suffer severe water shortages by 2050.

  • In the next 10 years, all of the countries predicted to be "water scarce" are in Africa in the sub-Sahara region. This problem will be exacerbated by the expected doubling of this area's population in the next 40 years.

  • Increased regional conflicts over water supplies are also predicted in this time frame.

  • The sub-Saharan countries have no access to sustainable water sources.

  • The United Nations estimate that by 2025, two-thirds of arable land in Africa will disappear.

  • As the rate of climate change progresses, the poorer countries will experience further shortages of water, shorter growing seasons (and less food), and more outbreaks of 'vector' borne diseases.


  • Construct desalination plants on each coast.

  • Construct a network of pipelines originating from each coastal plant to transport this water to storage tank farms strategically located along the routes to serve about 20 million people.

  • Basic human water requirement for drinking, cooking and hygiene is about 30 liters/day per person.

  • Sufficient water production from these plants will provide irrigation for crops.


  • Spread the word. Talk about this enormous undertaking with everyone you can - you never know who might know someone who can help in an important way.

  • Lend your voice of support. Right now this isn't involving the Canadian government but we still want them to be aware and perhaps play a role, so please write or call your MP and encourage her/him to let the Prime Minister know this is a project you believe in.

  • Volunteer - contact us to make arrangements. Volunteer opporunities may not be plentiful for a project such as this but that doesn't mean they won't exist at all - get in touch and let's discuss how you can help.

  • Help us financially. So far the progress made on this project has been due to volunteer efforts and personal investment by various members of the TAP Team - now that we have brought it to a point where even more dedication will be involved we need to have funds for operating expenses - no contribution is too small (or too big!)