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Trans Africa Pipeline Appoints First Representative in Mauritania/Sahel

Released: October 12, 2016

Trans Africa Pipeline Inc., a Canadian non-profit organization focused on a continental water pipeline for Africa’s Sahel area, has appointed its first official African-based representative, Mr. Khalil Chouaib, operations manager for ACT Shipping, based in Mauritania’s capital, Nouakchott.

Acconnage Consignation Transit SAACT - Aconnage Consignation Transit - is responsible for the vast majority of marine shipments into and out of the main port of Mauritania in Nouakchott. ACT manages logistics, government relations, freight, customs and port management for Mauritania’s primary sea port. Mr. Chouaib and ACT will handle shipping, import and transportation services for Trans Africa Pipeline as it begins construction of the planned 8,000 km. freshwater pipeline, desalination plants, solar power farms and distribution centres to provide clean, safe water to mitigate drought in the Sahel area.

Mr. Chouaib’s connection to TAP is, however, even more significant; he has also been appointed as TAP’s representative and agent in Mauritania - the first appointment of its kind for TAP. He will act as TAP agent between the organization and the Government of Mauritania. ACT will also be providing TAP’s first offices in the Sahel, within the ACT Nouakchott office complex on avenu Mokhtar Ould Daddah in Nouakchott.

Earlier this year, ACT signed an affiliation agreement with the Braemar Group through Braemar’s shipping/logistics division, Cory Brothers. Braemar is a global enterprise originating in the U.K. with shipping, marine, energy, offshore, engineering and insurance expertise. ACT of Mauritania and Cory Brothers, U.K. are both members of the World Wide Ship Agency Association (WWSA), set up in 2007 as a co-operative to present solutions to the globalization of shipping services. The Association provides a valuable source of local expertise to international shippers because each associate brings a wealth of local experience to the association and can ensure that international shipping smoothly reaches and clears its local destinations world-wide.

This logistics and transport agreement is highly-significant to TAP, the largest humanitarian civil engineering project of the 21st century. The Trans Africa Pipeline will begin construction on large-scale solar power farms, large-scale desalination facilities, a host of storage and personnel facilities and eventually, 8000 km. of pipeline crossing the 11 Sahel countries. The appointment of ACT and Mr. Chouaib will simplify sourcing and shipping components for this large-scale continent-wide water project.

"As TAP’s agent and a Mauritanian citizen, I do hope for the TAP project to start as scheduled and planned, as it will help the region enormously in so many aspects," said Mr. Chouaib.

For more information, please contact TAP, or:

Mr. Khalil Chouaib – Operations Manager
Acconnage Consignation Transit SA
+ 222 4524 1460 (Mauritania)

Released by: TAP