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Trans-Africa Pipeline News Briefs

Released: June 1, 2020

June 2020
TAP has established an arrangement with a private consultant in Sudan who is actively pursuing government contacts to establish a memorandum of
agreement with the government of Sudan to implement Phase 1 on the Red Sea.
March 2020
TAP has established a working relationship with a senior banking official who has contacts with the governments of Mauritania and Sudan. He is
supportive of TAP and has had several meetings with the government of Mauritania to promote a Phase 1 TAP project proposal.
November 2019
TAP submitted a proposal to the new government of Mauritania to construct Phase 1 in the land grant offered to TAP by the government.  Phase 1 is
limited in scope and size to demonstrate the effectiveness of a small scale solar powered desalination plant with adjacent salt ponds. The water
would be piped to nearby towns and farms. This proposal is under consideration by their Ministry of Environment.
March 2019
An internal group of TAP personnel started work on a new contemporary web site in collaboration with a Canadian design company. This project is in
development and is currently being reviewed by TAP.

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