Safe, clean water is vital to human existence but for tens of millions of people across 11 countries in the Sahel region of northern Africa a reliable fresh water supply has always been a distant dream.


Chronic Food & Water Shortages

Drought from climate change causes water-related disease and death, and the loss of farmland to increasing desertification results in chronic food and water shortages. Lack of safe water has historically proved to be the single greatest obstacle to human survival, development and prosperity across this vast and vital region.

Severe Drought

Persistent in the Sahel Region

The African continent is warming faster than the global average due to climate change. Some 60% of Africa is dry and the Sahel region is the driest, suffering severe drought conditions year after year. Regional conflicts over fresh water supplies are predicted to rapidly increase, also resulting in large-scale migration to Europe. The problem is immediate and worsening, the challenge immense.