The largest humanitarian civil engineering project of the 21st century, Trans Africa Pipeline (TAP) is dedicated to the permanent eradication of drought in the Sahel region of sub-Saharan Africa via the construction of a continuous 8,000 km fresh-water pipeline across the entire African continent.


Sea Water
to Fresh Water

An Unlimited Supply

The pipeline will be supplied its water by solar-powered desalination plants located on each coast: Mauritania and Senegal to the west (the Atlantic Ocean); Sudan and Djibouti to the east (the Red Sea).

Upon completion, and in perpetuity, TAP will distribute an unlimited supply of safe, free, clean water for communities and people across the Sahel, and cost-efficient water for use in agriculture, forestry and commercial entities in all 11 countries in the region.

With a zero-carbon footprint, TAP is also designed as a pH-neutral project which will not disturb the salt/alkaline balance in the oceans, since all the brine will be directed to land-based salt ponds for the harvesting of salt and lithium.