Conference in Mauritania Goes Amazingly Well

The summer of 2015 was momentous for the Trans Africa Pipeline project, and it may well be the turning point for this 10-year-old, all-volunteer project.

We have connected with a major, life-saving 11-nation African organization, developed and presented a Memorandum of Understanding, expanded the potential activities of TAP and continued to refine the engineering details and spin-offs which will ensure TAPs success.

As the head and co-founder of TAP, I was invited to attend a major conference in Mauritania at the end of July, to give two presentations on TAP. The conference was sponsored by and focused on the Pan African Great Green Wall (PAGGW) agency, an 11-nation multi-national African program involving countries adjoining the Sahel region.

These 11 countries have formed a collaborative organization to fund and implement the planting of millions of trees across the Sahel to mitigate the encroaching desert. The desert is encroaching on this area at the rate of 300 to 600 square kilometers per year in each country.

At this five-day conference, the PAGGW was introduced to TAP, learned about our decade of work and the water pipeline that could help immeasurably improve conditions in their countries.

Released by: TAP