Keynote Speaker Invitation

Dr. Roderick Tennyson has been invited as a keynote speaker to discuss the Trans Africa Pipeline project at The Third International Congress on Desert Economy, Energy Economics between Deserts and Oceans, on February 23th and 24th, 2021, in Dakhla, Morocco.

This conference is co-organized by the National School of Business and Management of Dakhla and the Regional Council of Dakhla Oued Eddahab.

TAP has signed a memorandum of agreement with a major energy investment company headquartered in Dubai to discuss investment opportunities related to the application of hybrid wind/solar power systems in the TAP projects.

TAP has signed a memorandum of agreement with a private investment group located in London, UK, to promote and secure investment in TAP’s Phase 1 project. This project entails building a small solar powered desalination plant with salt ponds either in Mauritania or Sudan.

Released by: TAP